Substance Abuse

With increased substance abuse comes increased risk for addiction. At Amicus Counselling and Clinical Psychological Service, we recognize that addiction is a chronic condition that changes both brain structure and function. Addictions involves craving for the object of addiction, loss of control over its use, and continuing involvement with it despite adverse consequences.

Acknowledging that you have a problem with addiction is the first step towards recovery. We provide substance abuse counselling for

Many individuals with substance use problems have a dual diagnosis. Meaning they also have other mental health problems such as anxiety or depression. These conditions occur together frequently. It is difficult to know which problem came first. It could be the anxiety or depression prompted the individual to abuse alcohol  or drugs (people use substances to cope or self medicate), or their alcohol/drug problem lead to emotional and mental health problems. Individuals with mental health problems have an increased risk for alcohol/drug related problems, and individuls with alcohol/drug related problems have an increased risk for mental health disorders.

 Individuals with a dual diagnosis often experience severe and chronic physical health, social, and emotional problems. Because they have two disorders.  They are also vulnerable to both addiction relapse  and a worsening of their mental health or vice versa.  Research suggests that individuals with a dual diagnosis respond well to integrated treatment programs that address both their mental health condition and their substance abuse.

At Amicus Counselling and Clinical Psychological Service we also specialise in providing treatment for dual diagnosis. We treat both condition (mental health) and addiction co-currently. Our treatments are evidence-based and tailored to the client’s needs and presentations. Please call Amicus Counselling and Clinical Psychological Service on 1800264287 during office hours for an appointment. We are here to assist you to overcome your difficulties and help you take control of your life.