Specific Phobia Treatment

Specific Phobia Treatment Sydney CBD & St Leonards – It is natural to have fears of particular objects or situations. It becomes a phobia when the fear is out of proportion to the actual danger or threat.  Specific phobia is defined as unreasonable or irrational fear related to exposure to specific objects or situations. Exposure to the object or situation causes animmediate reaction of anxiety which is excessive and persistent. The anxiety may be triggered both by the presence and the anticipation of the specific object or situation. These individuals will go to great lengths to avoid the feared object or situations.

The anxiety or avoidance can be very distressing to the individual in that it interferes with the individual’s normal routine including work, social interactions and relationships. For example, an individual with a fear of flying may not accept a job which involves travelling interstate or overseas due to that fear.

There are different types of specific phobias, based on the object or situation feared, including:

Animal phobias: fears caused by an animal or insect. Examples include fear of snakes, spiders, rats, and dogs.

Natural environment phobias: fears cued by objects found in nature. Examples include fear of heights, storms, water, and fear of the dark.

Situational phobias: include fear of enclosed spaces (claustrophobia), fear of elevators, fear of flying, fear of dentists, fear of driving, fear of tunnels, and fear of bridges.

Blood-Injection-Injury phobia:  involves fear of blood, fear of injury, or a fear of injections or other medical procedure.

Other phobias: These include a fear of falling down, a fear of loud sounds, or a fear of   clowns.

There are several reasons why an individual develops specific phobia. The most common involves ahistory of negative experiences in the feared situation. These could be either direct or indirect experiences, or both. Indirect experience would include watching others show signs of fear in the same situation, for example growing up with parents who fear dogs could lead to a fear of dogs in some children. Individuals with specific phobia are aware that the fear is excessive or unreasonable, yet they are unable to overcome it. With evidence based therapy, specific phobia is treatable.

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