Panic Attack Counselling

Coping with Panic attack

 Panic attacks are sudden.  When an individual experiences a panic attack, it is very frightening as they do not know what is happening to them, it may be a new experience which is strange and abnormal. Panic attacks range in length from a few seconds to hours, differ in the severity and degree of incapacitation involved, and may totally incapacitate the person suffering the episode. With panic attack counselling, the individual learn to cope with symptoms of panic attack. 

Symptoms of panic attack can be both physiological and psychological, these include:

• Shortness of breath or having trouble catching your breath

• Pounding heart

• Dizzy or light-headed

• Tingling fingers or feet

Tightness or pain in the chest

• A choking or smothering feeling

• Feeling faint

• Sweating

• Trembling or shaking

• Hot or cold flushes

• Things around you feel unreal

Urge to flee

• Urge to go to the toilet

• Dry mouth

• Nausea butterflies

• Muscle tension

Visual disturbance

• A fear that you might die, collapse, lose control, go mad, or act in a crazy way

• A fear that you are having a heart attack or a stroke

• A feeling that you cannot get your thoughts together or speak

• Freezing or feeling paralysed

• Fear that you will embarrass yourself

Panic attacks are very common. Some individuals have one or two panic attacks and are not distressed about them, while other individuals experience panic attacks frequently, which can be very distressing as these attacks interfere in their day to day functioning.

An individual suffers from panic disorder when he or she experiences panic attacks frequently or spends a considerable amount of time fearfully anticipating the next panic attack. The panic attack leads these individuals to avoid situations for fear an attack. 

When panic attacks are left untreated, it can lead to panic disorder and other problems. If you are experiencing panic attacks or panic disorder, evidence-based treatment can help you understand and cope better with panic attacks. With psychological therapy,  majority of people stop experiencing panic attacks and start to function again. At Amicus Counselling and Clinical Psychological Services we provide professional psychological assistance to treat panic attacks or panic disorder.

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