Health Anxiety

 Health anxiety counselling Sydney –  It is normal to worry about our health from time to time. Health worries become a problem when it interferes with our normal functioning.  Individuals suffering from health anxiety are too preoccupied with their health when there is no medical reason to suggest that there is something physically wrong with them. They are convinced that harmless physical symptoms are indicators of a severe medical condition. They frequently misinterpret physical symptoms of anxiety as a sign of an impending physical health problem.

The most common health anxieties tend to centre on conditions such as cancer, heart disease, Aneurysm/stroke, HIV, AIDs, pain symptoms, numbness / tingling, burning sensation etc. 

Characteristics of individuals suffering from health anxiety include:

• Spending alot of time focusing on symptoms, checking or monitoring bodily symptoms and self diagnosis.

• Having unhelpful or unrealistic thoughts about bodily symptoms and other health information. Seeking reassurance or comfort from their friends, family members or their doctors that they are fine even if they do not believe what they are being told.

• Spending alot of their time finding information on illnesses. They may get books or search on the internet or even seek information from their doctors.

• Avoiding situations or activities which make them feel uncomfortable because of their health worries.

These individuals feel distressed due to being preoccupied with their health, which impacts negatively on all areas of their lives including family life, social life and work.

Health anxiety is treatable. If you are suffering from health anxiety and would like to live a normal life, please seek professional help. At Amicus Counselling and Clinical Psychological Services, we are here to help you. We provide evidence-based treatment such as cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) to help overcome your anxiety.

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