Agoraphobia Treatment

Agoraphobia treatment Sydney CBD & St Leonards –  Agoraphobia is a fear of panic attacks that may lead a person to avoid any situation or activities that they think will provoke these attacks, or prevent escape or hinder help arriving in the event of such an attack.

People who suffer from agoraphobia avoid situations which involve being away from their “safety zone”,most commonly the person’s home. This does not necessarily means that the person is free from anxiety when at home, but that they feel relatively safer there than in other situations. The fear in agoraphobic situations revolves around not being able to leave the situation for a safer one (or not being able to do so without embarrassment).

Agoraphobia is a chronic, impairing anxiety disorder. When individuals avoid situations or activities, it impedes their ability to work, maintain relationships, and live a full and normal life. It can lead to social isolation and other mental health problems, such as depression.

Agoraphobia is treatable. If you are suffering from agoraphobia and would like to lead a normal life, please seek professional help. At Amicus Counselling and Clinical Psychological Services, we provide evidence-based treatment such as cognitive behaviour therapy to help you to overcome agoraphobia.

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